Connoisseurs® Quick Watch & Jewellery Cleanser

SKU: Jewel Gel

Connoisseurs Quick Jewellery Cleanser is safe to use on all types of jewellery & watches. Gel like cleaning solution comes in a pop-top container with attached brush. No messy spills or splashes. Solution is soft on hands and you can clean rings without removing them from your finger.
  • All purpose gel 150ml
  • Brush Included
  • Size – 12.7 cm x 15.2 cm.
  • Gentle on hands


How to use

1. Remove brush from back of container. Wet brush.

2. Push down to open pop-top and squeeze the gel-like solution on to the brush.

3. Clean jewellery and rinse both jewellery and brush. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

4. Snap brush back on to container.

5. Use either the Connoisseurs silver or gold polishing cloth or jewellery wipes to give your jewellery added shine. Both polishing cloths and jewellery wipes will apply an anti-tarnish barrier.

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