Cool Blue Silver Tanzanite & CZ Necklace by Amore



Sterling Silver Cool Blue Necklace

Designed by Amore Argento

Cool Blue Necklace is a vintage inspired cluster combining a blue/violet Tanzanite with surrounding smaller cubics. Comes with a 16" to 18" adjustable silver chain. Tanzanite was discovered in Northern Tanzania in 1967 and the Amore in-house designers have created a sparkling necklace using a rare gemstone that has a similar colour to Sapphire. Get your dose of vintage Hollywood Glamour – just what you need for a glitzy occasion but also perfect for everyday wear and available as a set with earrings and ring.

The necklace is 13mm long including the loop and has a 7.5mm diameter cluster head with a 4mm round tanzanite surrounded by 12 small cubics with a mill grain finish.

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